Thursday, 18 October 2018

Andalucia Masters 2018 - Valderrama GC, Spain

No time due to travel commitments this week - but the 9 players to play for this week are:

EVENTBet DetailsOddsBet TypeMarketUnits
Andulucia MastersShane Lowry17winOutright1.80
Andulucia MastersPadraig Harrington32winOutright1.00
Andulucia MastersSoren Kjeldsen26winOutright1.20
Andulucia MastersRobert Rock50winOutright0.60
Andulucia MastersJulien Guerrier75winOutright0.40
Andulucia MastersRicardo Gouveia85winOutright0.40
Andulucia MastersOliver Fisher110winOutright0.30
Andulucia MastersRenato Paratore160winOutright0.20
Andulucia MastersGavin Moynihan1000winOutright0.10

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