Weekly Shortlists

Each week I will set about compiling a shortlist of approximately ten players that I will focus on before placing my bets on the event. I will decide on the shortlist based on players that I feel are either in good current form, have previous excellent course form or indeed are at a price much better than my own tissue price. The aim is to price the field on a Monday before checking the prices at www.oddschecker.com (The list could be less than ten and indeed may include one or two more from time to time depending on the tournament)

The Shortlists will then be added to this page and I will finalize final staking plan thereafter. As may be the case as stated above, players prices will be checked but I won't always be siding in a player perceived to be of "value" over a player that I think is a fair price. If a player is deemed to be of fair value and is on the shortlist he can be selected ; golf betting has to take into account that these are 156 man fields and there will be a number of entries representing value. We wouldn't be backing ALL perceived "value" players, would we? That said if a player is a number of ticks shorter than my tissue, he most likely wont be backed.

To view the weekly shortlists, click on the links below.

2016 Shortlists

2017 Shortlists

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