Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year Approach

Having finished up with a profit of +65.93 for 2009, I am a little disappointed as the last 3 months proved to be drain on the bank. The Profits were at +237 in June following Brian Gay's win at St.Jude but with either the favourite or first time winners prevailing it was heartache to watch so many of my selects finish 6th - 10th week in week out missing the place money. I did continue to invest 10 units each week, keeping the faith, but I have leaned a little lesson (I think), a % of the bank each week is the way forward, allowing for less losses and better profits when the bank rises (says he hopefully). As I commence 2010 with the 65.93 bank I have decided to invest just 7% of it until I reach +100 when I will revert back to 10% until it drops to 75. If the bank drops below 45 , I will reduce to 5%.I will of course still look at upping to 20 units once I can reach +240, 30 units should I reach +360 and so on.
I will look at my stable of golfers for the year and invest when & where I think they will go well and pending the bank whether to invest the minimum .5 unit or go more on the bigger odds.

My players to follow for 2010 are

Thomas Aiken (have to keep the faith despite his erractic form)
Martin Kaymer
Ross Fisher
Lee Westwood
Padraig Harrington
Rhys Davies
Shane Lowry

As Rory McIlroy heads for the USA this year I will also look out for his odds should they exceed 20/1

Roll on South Africa & the Middle East the next few weeks and hopefully I can get a collect early to set-up a better 2010.

My target for the year end is to reach +400- its do-able!

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